Chatham Marine

Focusing on User Experience and Analytics I’ve replatformed to Magento 2 and increased revenue by 15% Year on Year.

My journey with Chatham Marine began in December 2017 when I started working with an essentially broken Magento 1 back end that was at the point of failure due to a lack of co-ordinated development over previous years.

The long term goal was putting the site on to Magento 2 however a programme of remedial work was put in place to refresh the site and make it more functional and focus on growth.

The migration to Magento 2 was a 7 month process that involved:

  • Producing a brief and obtaining quotes from a number of specialist agencies.
  • With the main board deciding upon the preferred partner.
  • Working with designers to wireframe the preferred layout.
  • Agreeing the final design for coding to begin.
  • A comprehensive user acceptance testing period to full align design with functionality.
  • Working with the agency to agree a go-live plan and put in place all preparatory steps.
  • Go live followed by a period of bug logging and fixing.
  • After the whole process was signed off then continually sourcing and evaluating improvements to the site in order to grow sales and conversion rates.

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